St. Paul Catholic Church

Blessed Mother Prayer Garden

built by parishioners

About Us

Our current pastor, Fr. Charley Alookaran arrived in 2004 to a parish of about 250 families.†† He reclaimed a portion of the old church to expand the chapel area for daily Mass and Adoration.† He also updated the entryway for the handicapped to attend.† As the parish continued to grow, the old hall was remodeled to add two more classrooms that were needed for CCD instruction.

The Blessed Mother Prayer Garden , behind the church building, was built by parishioners recruited by Fr. Charley.† Sometimes the Holy Rosary is prayed after daily Mass in the Prayer Garden.† In 2011, Parishioner Ernest Tucker built a rock grotto around the Blessed Mother and placed a rock altar in front.

In 2008, The Year of Saint Paul, the parish was selected as a pilgrimage site.† To commemorate that honor and the Year of Saint Paul, Ron Hogan Art Studio of Huntsville was commissioned to add stained glass windows throughout the church.† Parishioners were excited about the project and the windows were all paid for by the time of installation.† The windows depict the Mysteries of the Rosary and also feature St. Paulís own tabernacle and monstrance.† The windows in the vestibule feature the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Saint Joseph (the Holy Family) as well as St. Paul.† The Holy Trinity is completed with the Holy Spirit and God the Father depicted in the transom.† To see all the Stained Glass Windows, click here.


Following the Year of Saint Paul, Pope Benedict XVI declared the year 2009-2010 as the Year for Priests.† St. Paul Parish was again selected as a pilgrimage site.† In honor of that year, the Adoration Chapel received stained glass windows as well.† Fr. Charley explained to Ron Hogan Art Studio his plan for the windows:† two angels in adoration on either side of the churchís monstrance with the Holy Eucharist in place.† To see the chapel windows, click here.


This year, we have expanded our parking area to add an additional 118 spaces with additional lighting and landscaping.† Bishop Emeritus David Foley blessed the parking lot on Fatherís Day 2011.† Our families have grown to over 450 now requiring additional space for classrooms, meeting rooms, and office space.† In the coming year, we will be tearing down the old rectory and old hall to make room for a new two-story Religious Education Building with classrooms, meeting rooms for adult education, and offices.

The transom in the vestibule featuring the Holy Spirit

and God the Father

The Adoration Chapel windows installed in 2009

A portion of the new parking lot just recently finished in July 2011.