Small Groups

We are now having Small Group meeting in our parish, to expand our fellowship, increase our faith, and evangelize. This follows from a session in Dec 2018 with Alex Kubik from the Diocese, where Alex shared a new Diocese initiative called Revive. See current Small Groups.

We had one successful effort during Lent, with more than 70 participants.  We studied the video series "Forgiven" and discussed it in Small Groups.  Now we're ready to begin the next session.  We have identified two topics:  The Mass Explained, and Acts of the Apostles.  We will have sign up sheets out very soon.  Right now it looks like the meetings will be on Thursday again, with sessions in both the morning and evening.

This effort is open to all, and will only be successful if you feel comfortable attending when you can.  Don't worry if you didn't attend the first session, it will not put you at a disadvantage in a future session.
This is a wonderful opportunity to grow in faith and get acquainted with your fellow parish members. 

POC for this effort is Lori Wilson,